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Hixia Custom Synthesis

Hixia is an independent company offering a flexible and confidential service to the pharmaceutical, life science and fine-chemical industries. Hixia does not have to declare any collaborations to shareholders and maintains the strictest levels of confidentiality required by its customers. It enjoys the experience and expertise of a highly qualified (Ph.D.) team of organic and organometallic chemists. Areas of expertise cover heterocyclic, aromatic, aliphatic and chiral systems. Some areas of special expertise include.

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Our key services include:

  • Custom synthesis from 10's of milligrams for screening or 100's of grams for toxicology studies on to 10's of kilograms for clinical trials.

  • Non catalogue products

  • Route selection

  • Process design

Hixia also produces a range of fine chemicals including chiral amino acids and useful building blocks such as methylenedioxy benzene derivatives and cyclohexane dione monoethylene ketals. Further information about Hixia or our product ranges can be obtained by contacting us.

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